Bulleid Double
Decker Society
The Bulleid Double Decker society is an independent EMU owning group, set up to restore to full working order, and to operate on a preserved line, two unique items of rolling stock for future generations to enjoy.

Shareholders are needed to ensure that the Units is in put to working order as soon as possible.

Our share owning system is available in 2 ways -either a single payment of £250, or on a monthly basis at contribution of £7 per month. We offer benefits of being a shareholder that will ensure you get good value for money. These are part ownership of the Unit (with a certificate to this effect), opportunities to assist with the restoration work and a regular update of the progress of the restoration.

To become part of the support group when the unit is restored to working order. Please complete the form below and return to. Mr Andris Dauksta, 90 Pembroke Road, Dallington, Northampton, NN5 7ER _____________________________________________________________________________

Bankers Order To the Manager ________________________________ Bank.

Sort Code Of Bank ___/___/___




Please make one payment of £250 or one payment of £5 plus 35 Monthly payments of £7 on the ___ of each month commencing on the ________________ to the BULLEID DOUBLE DECKER SOCIETY , at Yorkshire Bank, 7 Gold Street, Northampton, NN11EN (Sort Code 05-06-33 Account Number 41203688 )

Signed _______________________ Account Number________________

Your Name _________________________________________________

Send or give this part to your bank


To Mr Andris Dauksta, 90 Pemboke Road, Dallington, Northampton, NN5 7ER

Dear Mr Andris Dauksta I ________________________ wish to become a shareholder of the Bulleid Double Decker Society with all the rights this entitles me to. My standing will be for the SUM of £______________ on the of each month or as a lump sum payment of £_________ Signed ________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Dear __________________, I acknowledge receipt of your shareholder application, please keep this safe for your records

Signed Andris Dauksta Treasurer Bulleid Double Decker Society.

This receipt will be sent you once Andris has received your application