Hedjaz Railway

Damascus Kanawat Station (Indentification of the Locomotive would be welcome)

Damascus Kanawat Station

Wadi Rum - Aqaba Railway

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In (and out of) Print:

Hedjaz Railway By R Tourret Pub Tourret Publishing, 1989. ISBN 0 905878 05 1
The definitive text, plans and photos on the railway with which T E Lawrence made his reputation, by careful disruption but never destruction he forced the Turks to defend it at enormous cost to their European war effort. (ip)

The Railways Of Palestine & Israel By Paul Cotterell Pub Tourret, 1984.
The definitive text, plans and photos. Excludes the Hedjaz Railway (see above). (ip)

Middle East Railways By Hugh Hughes Pub Continental Railway Circle. ISBN 0 9503469 7 7. (op)

Harakevet - A Quarterly Journal on the Railways of the Middle East. Edited and Published by Rabbi Walter Rothschild
ISSN 0964-8763.


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Middle East Steam 1997/8

Steam in Jordan and Syria May 1999

Steam in Jordan and Syria September 2000

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